The whole planet remembers the month of July, 2011, when Norway was in national mourning. One of the most cruel events happened in Oslo and on the Island of Utoya where people, young teenagers and [...]
Armchair this time transformed into a modern futuristic shape, this is not only seen from the model shown by the designerPeter Vardai but also because it’s the armchair can be easily transformed [...]
Do you remember what it was like when we were kids and dreamed of how nice it would be to be able to walk on clouds? Now that we have grown, we still have sometimes this desire, and we also [...]
The Luxema 8000 Swim Spa hot tub contains 130 jets, LCD TV, and individual speakers to entertain triple the amount of people a traditional tub can handle. Most hot tubs you find in someone’s [...]
Vehicles become cheaper and more enery efficient due to their imaging the motorcyle with only one wheel.Although it seems there will a problem with keeping balance while riding but Segway [...]
Modular couch- Giving space at your homeIf you are having lack of space at your home, then the slot sofa is the ideal thing that you can have. It is not just a standard sofa or couch, but is a [...]